Law Application During Election Campaign

CDT has been regularly monitoring the implementation of the Law on Financing of Political Entities and Election Campaigns since the President Vujanović announced and scheduled parliamentary elections on 11 July 2016.

The Law prescribes a set of obligations for state and local authorities during the election camping in terms of weekly publishing of relevant information regarding the use of state funds as well as travel orders for official cars.

The companies founded or owned by the state are also obliged to publish the issued travel orders. In addition the Law stipulates publishing on a fifteen day basis data on budget expenditures and social welfare distribution.

CDT has been monitoring weekly to what extent 38 institutions, 23 local municipalities and 13 major state companies comply with the Law.

The very first monitoring of weekly reports showed that only few ministries, local and national authorities published their analytical cards and travel orders.

Only one company, Montenegro Airlines, fulfilled legal requirements than. Although the situation improved during the next three monitoring rounds there is still a significant number of entities who failed to publish the data.

The situation is slightly but not significantly better with publishing of the fifteen day reports on budget expenditures and social welfare distribution.

CDT has appealed, after each monitoring round, to the Agency for Prevention of Corruption to take appropriate measures and to initiate proceedings against all institutions, municipalities and companies which do not respect the Law.

Their failure to publish the relevant information and data opens space for doubts on misuse of state resources during the election campaign and undermine even further the public confidence in the electoral process.

Also, CDT reminds that objectives of the Government of Electoral Trust are transparent and lawful elections, and this approach and the non-compliance with the Law brings in question the legality of the electoral process.

Through fair elections, good governance, euroatlantic integrations, transparency and civic engagement to better future of Montenegro.