UK supports Montenegro’s membership in the Alliance

United Kingdom UK strongly supports Montenegro’s membership in NATO, said Nick Gurr, United Kingdom Ministry of Defence director for International security policy, adding that each country which will contribute to better security is welcomed in the alliance.

At the CDT’s Info Centre, Gurr spoke about NATO’s open-door policy and said that Montenegro was an example and a symbol of the fact that the open-door policy is alive.

When it comes to the open-door policy, no country outside NATO can affect the alliance?s enlargement. NATO’s door remains open to those who meet its objectives, Gurr said.

As stated by CDT (Centre for Democratic Transition), Gurr said that NATO member states need to allocate 2% of their GDP for defence, as well as 20% of their defence capacity to meet the alliance’s needs.

NATO brings many advantages, such as collective security, but member states must fulfil their obligations. And it is allocation of corresponding percent of their GDP for defence, said Gurr.

He believes that enlargement issue will not be the main topic of the Summit in Warsaw.

NATO has never forced anyone to join it, no one was forced to become a member. This is a defence alliance and it does not threaten anyone.

It sets very high standards when it comes to the criteria for new members and for ratification by all other 28 member states, Gurr said.


National coordinator for NATO Vesko Garcevic said that the countries striving to become NATO member stated must adapt their activities to the changed circumstances.

Perhaps NATO door is not wide open, but it is open, and you just need to find a way to pass through it, Garcevic.

He said that Montenegro would continue to implement reforms with a focus on the rule of law and rising public support and that the ratification process would go as planned.

Through fair elections, good governance, euroatlantic integrations, transparency and civic engagement to better future of Montenegro.