From its establishment CDT has been committed to improving transparency, thus, its work and program activities have been made available to the public. In addition, pursuant to Article 37 of the Law on Non-Governmental Organizations, NGO with income of more than 10,000 euros during a calendar year is obliged to publish its annual financial statement on the website, approved by the competent authority of that organization, within ten days of the adoption of the report. Please see CDT’s annual work reports for 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 which include basic activities of the organization and a summary of income and expenses

CDT Annual Report 2018 https://reportcdt.pageflow.io/cdt-s-report-2018#208483   CDT Annual Report 2017 http://reportcdt.pageflow.io/copy-of-cdt-2017#154380
  CDT Annual Report 2016 http://reportcdt.pageflow.io/cdt_report2016#103635
CDT’s Annual Report 2015 http://reportcdt.pageflow.io/cdt_enreport#48421
CDT’s Annual Report 2014 
CDT’s Annual Report 2013 
CDT’s Annual Report 2012 
CDT’s Annual Report 2011 

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