Results of 2016 Elections

State Election Commission (SEC) announced the final results of 2016 Parliamentary Elections.

According to SEC 388,220 eligible citizens voted in the elections. Out of this number 378,086 citizens voted at polling stations while 10,134 used right to home-bound voting. The number of invalid ballots was 5,513.

The results are the following:

  • Hrvatska građanska inicijativa – one seat
  • Socijaldemokratska partija – four seats
  • Demokratska partija socijalista – thirty – six seats
  • Demokrate – eight seats
  • Ključ – nine seats
  • Demokratski front – eighteen seats
  • Bošnjačka stranka – two seats
  • Socijademokrate CG – two seats
  • Albanci Odlučno – one seat
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